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Video by Christina Rosetti

EF.IT Design is a branding & web design studio based in sunny St. Pete, FL. 

We've been quiet on the digital front but are working hard behind-the-scenes on all the things. As we refresh and refine our branding, we're not stopping at the visuals. We are establishing practices that ensure what we do will always align with our values. One thing we want to be is transparent. Shit is heavy right now and we're struggling – to find our lane of ally-ship outside of educating ourselves through books, film and conversations, to find a way to keep our mental health somewhat stable, to find little joys in each day when the world is literally and metaphorically burning.

As a queer, mixed-race couple we've experienced our share of shitty humans, individually and together, BUT we acknowledge our privilege and are going to use our voices so the people in the back continue to hear that ALL Black Lives Matter. We will continue to educate ourselves and when we find areas where we need to be doing more work, we commit to doing that work.

Sending love and light to you.
India, the IT of EF.IT

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For questions about working with us or what we've been doing and plan to do to (un)learn around the topics of anti-racism and racism, drop some mail at one of our internet homes.