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EF.IT Design is a branding & web design studio based in sunny St. Pete, FL. 

We’re in a season of change right now that has us all pivoting to adapt - our businesses, our lives, our understanding of cabin fever. As the world slowly rides a wave back to business as usual, we’ve been working on a way for us to help businesses navigate these new waters. We're going to donate 10 design hours each to three businesses with design needs to give them the tools to keep going in these challenging times. Giveaway details below!

we're holding a giveaway!

3 businesses will win:

10 free design hours each that can be used for projects like social media graphics, simple website edits and small design projects. 

how to enter:

Head over to our IG and look for the PIVOT post, give it ye ole like and drop your business or your fave small business in the comments.

when can you enter:

The giveaway will run until 11:59PM EST on Wednesday, May 20, 2020. Winners will be announced on Thursday, May 21, 2020.

Who can win:

Any small business that's had to pivot how they operate to accommodate contactless environments and limited hours/staff.

We are working hard to get our new website ready to share with you so stay tuned! We’re still spending the fourth Friday of each month with our buds from CreativeMornings/SP so keep an eye out for details on next Friday’s event!

While we’ve been hanging at home we’ve expanded our little patio garden, spent more time with our cat then she would probably like and played with dyeing things with nature. Sending love and positive energy to you all!

studio updates!

For questions about the giveaway, working with us or what we've been jamming out to feel free to reach out through one of our internet homes.