They are known to be sarcastic and rambly but they are always authentic. Welcome to our little corner of the blogosphere – is that still what the cool kids call it? Regardless. Welcome! We’ve got words on design, the studio, our clients and other odds & ends. Here on the blog we want to connect, inspire and educate.

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EF.IT, Let's Move to Florida

WE SAW AN OPPORTUNITY AND WE TOOK IT. Well, it didn’t exactly happen that quickly. I won’t get into the sappy details of how we met, didn’t talk for a year and met again at a party (there was a whole thing about a lava lamp

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Hey, hi, how ya doin? After weeks of avoidance, India has finally made me sit down and write a little bit about myself. Words and I typically don’t get along so I apologize in advance for how painful this may be. But anyways, here we go. My name is Emma Fivecoat and I am a […]


Get To Know Us – Meet Emma

Emma in front of mural in downtown St. Pete.


Hi hi hi! I’m gonna be honest. I’ve been (and currently still am) dreading writing this post. Remember having to write personal essays in high school? Yeah, those were THE worst. How does one write about themselves? I haven’t quite figured that out so this should be interesting. I could talk about the things I […]


Get To Know Us – Meet India

India in front of mural in downtown St. Pete.